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200 000 Years After

Question Of Love
Two decades ago, I was given a demo
recorded by George Michael. 
Only the first verse and chorus were
written and sung by George himself. 
For all this time, I have cherished
this gift.    
After much reflection I decided, in
his memory,
to finish and record my own vision of
this previously unreleased song.
This, therefore, is my own personal
interpretation of this moving
It is a gift for all his fans, his family
and friends and not least, George. 
I hope you like it, as it has been
recorded with much love and respect
for him. 
 Proceeds from this song will be
donated to the Childline charity .
( that was much favoured by George.)  
200 000 Years After

Shot in Iceland in May 2019 in beautiful landscapes to illustrate the beauty of the world and its fragility.


“Someone Like You” New video-clip will be soon released 

And more to come …


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